Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose the Lubbock Autism Academy?

One word: Quality. As more and more ABA clinics, businesses, and other institutions begin to advertise their services, ask yourself one question: Do I want to get the best ABA therapy for my child? If you answer yes, the Lubbock Autism Academy is your only option. With low BCBA caseloads and high clinical expectations, the Lubbock Autism Academy sets forth a standard unmatched in the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico region. Our organization has demonstrated excellence by becoming accredited through the Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE). You see their shield proudly displayed on our website. We are also a member of the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP) that works towards establishing the best practice procedures for all ABA clinics. This is the assurance you need to know that we provide the highest quality ABA therapy in the South Plains.

2. My child has challenging behaviors, can my child still attend Lubbock Autism Academy?

Yes. Lubbock Autism Academy is uniquely qualified to address challenging behaviors. Our BCBAs have received specialized training in severe challenging behaviors and we have several therapy practices in place to help reduce and end behaviors that are causing injury or harm to self and others.

3. What questions should I ask when speaking to other ABA providers?

How large is the typical BCBA case load? At Lubbock Autism Academy, our case loads are no more than 8 full-time clients. Also, all of our BCBAs are present at our clinic and provide face-to-face services.

How many therapists does each BCBA supervise? At Lubbock Autism Academy, our BCBAs supervise no more than 7 full-time RBTs

Do your therapists have any certifications? At Lubbock Autism Academy, we require each therapist to become a Registered Behavior Technician by their three-month date of employment.

Do your BCBAs also have operational duties? At Lubbock Autism Academy, we are fortunate to have an MBA on-site that takes care of all operational functions. This allows all our BCBAs to focus on providing the best care possible to your child.

What ages of kids do you serve? We serve children with ASD from 18 months to 22.

Do you have a summer program? We are open all year around. Providing services only during the summer is an indication that ABA services may not be medically necessary for your child. The way our process works, it is nearly impossible for us to really get to know and understand the needs of your child, and create, apply, monitor a program in 8-10 weeks with more than one area of need. For this reason, we do not provide “summer only” programs. Rather, each child receives a specialized, individual treatment plan with the focus on providing the greatest potential outcome for your child, regardless of time restraints.

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