Feeding Therapy

The Lubbock Autism Academy will begin providing specialized feeding therapy June 3rd, 2019.
Our program is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who specializes in feeding difficulties for children with developmental delays. This program serves children ages 18 months through 18 years, and each child receives individualized 1-on-1 therapy designed specifically to address their needs.

This program is appropriate for children and adolescents who need help with:

  • Eating a variety of foods
  • Drinking from a cup
  • Eating larger amounts of food
  • Chewing
  • Using utensils

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

During consultation, you will meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who specializes in feeding disorder take a tour of our center. This meeting will alow you to discuss your concerns, and the BCBA will conduct a screening to determine if your child qualifies for the feeding therapy program. Medical clearance will be required to move forward with treatmnet. Your child must be cleared of any medical concersn which may be contributing to feeding difficulties. These may include swallowing difficulties, GI problems, and allergies.

Step 2: Assessment

An initial assessment will take place to determine treatment goals specific to your child. This will include direct assessment of your child, as well as an extensive parent interview regarding your child’s feeding history. A mealtime observation will also be scheduled so the BCBA can observe the caregiver presenting preferred and non-preferred foods.

Step 3: Treatment

Your child’s treatment will be designed according to their individual needs. Scheduling of therapy may include daily or weekly visits. Treatment will also include extensive parent training. This is conducted to ensure that your child can generalize skills in the home environment.

Step 4: Follow-Up

Once your child is discharged from therapy, follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure that you and your child have continued success with feeding.

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